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CENTECH Provides An Integrated Solution to Ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Our solutions are developed and delivered under an Integrated Management Approach, based in industry standards and best business practices combined with our corporate quality management principles.

Over 20 years of experience has made us a proven and successful systems integrator and service provider for a wide range of military and civilian programs where we have earned some of the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry from clients, contractors and team members (employees).

Our success is predicated on the strengths and resources of our organization. These resources include the reliable people and technologies required to accomplish mission goals and our sound business management practices that improve performance and help us achieve ever-escalating levels of productivity throughout our contracts. 

We recognize the importance of the intellectual contributions of each highly skilled professional team member on every contract. We recruit and retain a highly qualified and motivated computer facility operations staff to effectively manage operations and improve productivity.

We also provide a comprehensive set of management and employee motivational programs that reward productivity, innovation, leadership, and professional advancement. These programs ensure clients realize consistent increases in productivity, quality and staff operating capabilities.

We consistently optimize legacy systems and tune existing facility operations to improve overall operational performance and reduce inefficiencies and complacency associated with managing routine and repetitive processes.

Develop adaptable and scalable migration plans that recommend new technologies and applications selected to increase facility performance, reduce total system costs and improve responsiveness to mission-critical requirements.

We schedule the right people to handle technical changes, unexpected occurrences, peak load requirements and daily monitoring to ensure reliable systems connectivity and availability.

We provide our clients with recommendations that optimize input/output production and improve overall computer facility and systems performance. Training, capacity planning, introduction of COTS products and other proactive initiatives improve operational efficiencies and enhance facility operations.

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